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Implementation, construction and installation of steel structures for industrial and civil applications.

steel structures

NUOVA SICMI is able perform any type of welding (TIG, MIG, Electrode) of different materials ( iron, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastic), through different procedures done by experimented welders certified by the Istituto Italiano della Saldatura (Italian Institute of Welding). Our specialized staff periodically attends to training courses, in order to provide customers with a cutting-edge service. We employ highly-trained staff to perform quality control and liquid penetrant tests, magnetoscopic and radiographic tests, all with proven experience and knowledge of situations and potential problems associated with the procedures and construction specifications, in order to offer to the clients a cutting-edge service.

NUOVA SICMI can manufacture and install steel structures, heavy and light carpentry, with different civil and industrial applications.
Design/Planning and assembly range from the most varied types of metallic constructions in different areas of intervention and with different materials, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Steel structures and metal carpentry for the industrial sector

The company is specialized in the manufacture and install metallic structures and metal carpentry of any kind, for industrial plants, such as steel structures, metal construction , sheds, chimneys, racks, stairs etc.

Metal structures for buildings

NUOVA SICMI manufacture and install metallic structures and metal carpentry in civil construction. We produce steel structures and metallic construction for the civil sector, such as buildings, walkways, bridges and street furniture.


At the NUOVA SICMI, we build High-Pressure industrial facilities using highly specialized personnel in piping (fabrication and mounting). Pharmaceutical and chemical industries and steel plants take advantage of the professionalism and the attention that has always characterized our company, in the making of these specific systems in stainless steel or carbon steel.
Whether it is a new project or the enlargement of an existing facility, the ultimate goal is to find the best alliance between the quality of the finished product and the customer's budgets. Our skills range from firefighting systems to air-conditioning system, from thermo-hydraulic to compressed air, water, oil, gas or vapor systems, from mechanical to food industry. A list of some examples:

  • - Mounting pipes and new system;
  • - Enlargement of existing facilities;
  • - Dismantling and transfer of systems or facilities;
  • - Mounting pipes and line accessories;
  • - Special fittings in stainless steel, Hastelloy, plastic;
  • - Supply and installation of tanks filters;
  • - Writing of technical PED informs


At the NUOVA SICMI, we are dedicated to the construction of products of light, medium or heavy metal carpentry, and to carry out different types of specialized work such as cutting with plasma, laser or water jet, calendering, shaping and bending of materials, being able to fulfill any request.

Working for a wide range of different industries, we have reach specialization in different productive areas, such as:

  • - components for high-voltage facilities;
  • - construction of iron warehouses;
  • - railings, stairs, balconies and canopies;
  • - tanks in iron or stainless steel 304-316;
  • - components for steel industry;
  • - silos for storage of material;
  • - framework, roofing, exposed façades;
  • - grain legs, mills, conveyors;

All structures comply with the normative of processing center UNI 3834, registered at the Ministry. The mainstay of our company is the production process supervised in each phase. The durability of our products is guaranteed by the attention we put in the selection of the materials we use and the careful supervision during the various stages of the production process


NUOVA SICMI has a high-precision machine workshop department to quickly respond to any in-house and third party’s needs, of special parts or components, both mechanic or metallic, using CNC machines, lathes, machining centers, all expertly used by experienced personnel.

Turning: machining of components in materials such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum made with lathes of last generation to get the best precision.

Milling: highly specialized personnel skillfully works ferrous metals, alloys, plastic, etc., using modern CNC machines.

Quality and precision are main objectives at NUOVA SICMI, to pursue the best production results; the order and the processing control card accompanied every production process. All equipment and tools machines are equipped with calibrated instrumentation, periodically calibrated (digital centesimal calibration, centesimal depth gauges, thousandths digital micrometers, digital and analog comparators).

The company works in partnership with selected companies for special process: zinc plating, nickel plating, anodizing, burnishing, cementation, thermal chemical treatments.


Facilities maintenance is a very important support for companies and we offer flexible and comprehensive services for every need, from the ongoing maintenance, with fully equipped workshops set up within our customer’s facilities, to the extraordinary ones, performed on equipment and complex machinery, operating machines, rolling mills, pumps, valves, rollers, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
Having a large machinery park, we are able to operate timely and targeted interventions in any kind of sectors, ranging from steel to paper mills, and to the pharmaceutical industry, etc.
Some examples are:

  • - Mechanical maintenance;
  • - Scheduled maintenance - not preventive or predictive - for equipment of all kinds;
  • - Maintenance installations according AISI 304 - 316 on plastic material;
  • - Revision of centrifugal pumps, multi-stage, submerged single screw, mechanical seals;